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Our Story

In 2005, with two small children in tow, Benjamin and Jillian Prout purchased land that is now known as Prout’s Jollyview Farm.  Their goal was, and still is, to run it as a small family farm that is both sustainable and connected to the community.  The name "Jollyview" is a combination of the Prout's family names: Ben, Jillian, Polly, Oliver, and Wright. 

Ben has a bachelor's degree from Penn State in Agricultural Science. Jillian has a bachelor's degree from Kutztown in Fine Arts (Photography and Painting).  Polly recently graduated from Penn State with a degree in Agricultural Science (concentration in Management and Leadership), and Oliver is soon to graduate from Penn State with a degree in Bio-Systems Engineering (concentration in Off-road Equipment).   "We Are!!"

There are a few additional aspects of Prout's farm business. One is the custom raising of dairy and beef heifers. Customers bring just-weaned calves which will be fed, vetted, and artificially inseminated if necessary.  The Prouts also grow commodities crops - such as field corn, rye, soybeans, and hay to feed the cattle. 

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