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What is a CSA? 
Community Supported Agriculture

When you join a CSA, you are pre-paying for weekly summer produce from a local farmer. It helps the farmer by giving them the early funds to buy the seeds and plants that are needed, and it helps you, the consumer, by getting a discount on your produce, as well as knowing where your food comes from.


Our farm puts together a box of what we grow (though occasionally we will include some items from neighboring farms). These boxes will be delivered to your drop spot once a week, on THURSDAYS only.  You also have to option to pick out your produce at the farm stand, during stand hours.  

We are a NO-SPRAY farm, which is as close to organic as you can get without the official certification. 

Our CSA season runs for 15 weeks - roughly Memorial Day through Labor Day (the start date depends on the spring weather).

What We Offer - 2023

We offer 2 different size memberships:

  • Full share $480*  (avg $32/week)

    • good for a family of 4

  • Partial share $400*  (avg $26/week)

    • good for a family of 2-3

  • Eggs Add-on $75 ($5 per dozen) - free range 

We have several locations already arranged as a drop spot.  However, if you have 5 or more people who are interested in picking up at your house, please contact us for details!

If you live close to our farm, you have 2 options: 

  • #1 - YOU CHOOSE your own produce each week at the stand. We will keep track of what you spend each week until you have reached your pre-paid total. **The CSA starts before the stand is officially open. On those weeks a box will be prepared for you instead. This box must be picked up on Thursdays. We will let you know which weeks this will affect. 

  • #2 - a BOX will be prepared for you so that you can just grab-and-go. You can pick it up at the stand, even after the stand is closed. 

If you do NOT live close to the farm, we can make a box for you and deliver it to one of these spots every THURSDAY:

  • #3 - Gilbertsville "A" - 248 Melrose Dr

  • #4 - Gilbertsville "B" - 108 Pinehurst Way 

  • #5 - Gilbertsville "C" - 90 Ava Cirle

  • #6 - Douglassville - 26 Edison Rd

  • #7 - Trappe - 82 N. Borough Line Rd

  • #8 - Collegeville - 661 Barrington Rd

Important Info and FAQs

What is included in each box?

  • It depends on what is currently growing, as the boxes will be different each week - which is the fun part about a CSA!! The boxes are lighter in June, but by mid-summer they are overflowing! In the early season you could find lettuces, onions, rhubarb, radishes, and strawberries. Mid-Summer brings melons, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes and more! We have not listed everything that is included, but you won't be disappointed. 


What do I do with my boxes? 

  • Our boxes are reused each week. You will be expected to return the farm's boxes and egg crates every week when you pick up your next box. To avoid the hassle of having to remember to bring it back, it is recommended that you use a strong reusable bag to bring your produce home. 

What if I have a vacation? 

  • We are one of the few CSAs that will offer you a vacation option. Please limit the use of this policy to a maximum of 2 times. If you will be away and will miss a delivery day, let the CSA coordinator know at least a week in advance (no last-minute changes). With proper notice, we will cancel your box for that week. You then have a few choices on what to do with it:

    •  #1 - You can double up on boxes either the previous week or the week following your absence

    • #2 - On your return, you can drive to the farm and pick out specifically what you would like, up to the cost of the box

    • #3 - We will donate your box to a local food bank


What if I forget to pick up my box on delivery day? 

  • Your host will keep your box out of the sunlight and bad weather, but they are not expected to refrigerate your box, nor keep it inside overnight.  If you did not pre-arrange a vacation box and you are not able to pick up your box on the day of delivery, contact your specific host as soon as possible.  If you can pick it up the next day, great. If not, the box will be donated. 

Join Our 2023 CSA Program

Check off that you have read the following*

CSA Policies


Select an item (price includes early bird discount, and a 3% credit card fee)
Choose your pickup location


Thanks for joining our CSA!!We will be in touch when we know the exact start date.Please check your email

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