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Prout's Jollyview Farm

We Grow Our Own

Support Sustainable

The term "sustainable agriculture" at our farm means low or no chemicals, no sprays, nor any artificial fertilizing of our plants. This practice requires a lot of hand labor, which includes the planting of both established plants and seeds by hand, weeding by hand, and harvesting by hand. You'll see us and our employees out in our fields every day during the season. 


Sustainable agriculture also includes connecting with our customers. We want to get to know people that join our CSA or shop at our stand, as that interconnectedness is very important and enjoyable to us.

We believe it is important to support sustainable agricultural practices, and we are hoping that by checking out our website, joining our CSA, stopping at our roadside stand, and attending our strawberry festival, you will, through your dollars, be supportive of sustainable small family farms.

farm dogs - Copy.jpg
Our Farm Doggos: Gus, Lucy, and Dolly
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